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Surveillance equipment, parts,  accessories and ideas giving you the edge over your targets and at the same time impressing your customers...........

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Tech Solutions

Sometimes it's hard to keep ahead of the pack with technology  changing everyweek, sometimes daily. We try to help where we can...........

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Every operator knows the importance of having the right equipment, hardware and bits & pieces to do the job correctly the first time.............. 

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It's almost impossible to do the job the way it should be done if you don't have the right gear. Find what you need for your operation and more right here..........

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Ideas for solving your situation 

At Detective Scene we understand how important it is to maintain the edge within the industry, for your own safety and that of others around you. With this in mind we try to bring you ideas, tips and equipment allowing you to effectively execute any particular task with the highest degree of success, within the boundaries of the laws relevant to your country, state and precinct.........

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